Author: John Rodriguez

Anti-inflammatory foodsDiet & Nutrition

The Benefits of Berries and Cherries for Knee Pain Relief

Introduction Berries and cherries have been getting more recognition lately as a natural knee pain relief method. Scientists have proven...

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Lifestyle ChangesShoes for knee pain

How to Choose Shoes for Knee Pain: A Step-by-step Guide

Know Your Feet Finding shoes to help with your knee pain? Start by getting to know your feet better. Measure the size and width of your...

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Causes of Knee PainInfections

Best Exercises for Knee Infections: From Range of Motion to Strengthening

Range of Motion Exercises Range of motion exercises are essential for tackling knee infections and reducing pain or swelling. They’ll...

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ArthritisCauses of Knee Pain

Using Acupuncture to Alleviate Knee Arthritis Pain: What to Expect

Introduction to Acupuncture Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that has been around for thousands of years. It focuses on...

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Cooling down stretchesInjury Prevention

How to Properly Cool Down Your Knees After a Game of Basketball

Before the Game Before shooting hoops, warm up your knees! Simple exercises and stretches can help minimize any injuries or soreness. Here...

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Exercise & StretchingLow-impact cardio

Low-impact Cardio Machines to Use When You Have Knee Pain

Introduction Knee pain is a huge bummer! Especially when running and jogging make it worse. Don’t worry, though. There are low-impact...

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Balance trainingInjury Prevention

How to Incorporate Balance Training Into Your Cycling Routine to Avoid Knee Pain

Introduction Balance is key to moving efficiently while cycling. Poor balance, flexibility, and strength in the lower limbs can cause knee...

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Ergonomic workplace tipsLifestyle Changes

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Ergonomic Solutions for Knee Pain

Introduction Knee pain is a common problem for those who have to sit or stand for long hours. Ergonomics is the science of designing...

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Balance trainingInjury Prevention

How to Make Balance Training Fun and Challenging for Knee Pain Sufferers

Understanding Knee Pain Knee pain has many causes. It can come from an injury, a medical issue, or problems with the muscles and joints...

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Diet & NutritionHydration tips

The Best Beverages for Knee Pain Relief and Hydration

Introduction Various beverages can help ease knee pain and keep you hydrated. These drinks contain natural ingredients with...

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