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Low-impact Cardio Machines to Use When You Have Knee Pain


Knee pain is a huge bummer! Especially when running and jogging make it worse. Don’t worry, though. There are low-impact cardio machines that can help you stay active, while reducing knee strain.

Next time you go to the gym, try one of these machines: they’re the perfect way to reach your physical activity goals – without the pain!

Benefits of Low Impact Cardio Machines

Low-impact cardio machines are a perfect way to stay active with knee pain. These machines can provide a low-impact workout that won’t hurt your joints. It can also help you build and maintain strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Let’s explore the advantages of using low impact cardio machines so you can choose the right one for your needs:

Low Impact on Joints

Low-impact cardio machines are designed to lessen the strain on your body and joints. They are created to make shock and impact less intense, which can help those with knee pain or osteoarthritis. It is the ideal choice for them as low-impact exercise can reduce joint and muscle pain.

These machines are very varied. There are traditional treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, mini steppers and recumbent ellipticals.

These machines offer many benefits:

  • Aerobic benefits with minimal effect on the joints
  • Settings can be adjusted to user preference
  • Motion encourages good posture and reduces back pain
  • Cardiovascular benefits with minimal risk of harm
  • Gradual improvement of endurance over time
  • Tracking functions to monitor progress

Improved Heart Health

Cardio exercise has been known to help with heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Running can be good, but it can be too hard on the joints. Low-impact machines are a good way to get your heart rate up while protecting knees.

Some of the best low-impact machines for cardio include:

  • Rowing machines are especially good for endurance and reducing injury risk.
  • Elliptical machines give a full body workout, but don’t have the same propulsion as rowing.
  • Stair steppers are a great option to improve cardio without hurting the joints.
  • Stationary bikes offer a no-resistance cycling experience that can help increase stamina.

It’s important to check with a doctor about which activities are best for your condition. Low-impact machines are a great way to improve fitness and protect joints.

Improved Blood Circulation

Low impact cardio machines provide many benefits, including improved blood circulation. People with stiff or immobile joints, like those suffering from chronic knee pain, often have poor circulation. Cardio exercises boost the heart rate, aiding blood flow throughout the body. This includes the legs and other joint tissues.

Though any form of exercise can improve blood circulation, low impact machines are best for those with knee pain. They challenge the body without causing strain on the aching joints.

Improved Muscle Strength

Low-impact cardio machines can help with muscle strength around the knees and hips. They target the big muscles of the legs. This is important for those with knee problems. Strengthened muscles reduce strain on the joint and lessen the pain.

For effective workouts, use machines like bicycle ergometers, ellipticals and rowing machines. They provide resistance without making uncomfortable noises. Low-impact exercises don’t worsen injuries.

These machines are great for weight loss. The heart rate increases with light resistance training for a total body workout. It also provides comfort and stability in joints.

Types of Low Impact Cardio Machines

Low impact cardio machines are designed to give a great cardio workout without hurting your joints. There’s a variety of these machines, from the classic elliptical to recumbent bikes and rowing machines. Let’s check out the different types of low-impact cardio machines. They can help those with knee pain!

Here are some of the different types of low-impact cardio machines:

  • Elliptical
  • Recumbent bike
  • Rowing machine

Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical, also known as an “elliptical trainer,” is a low-impact cardio machine. It will not put extra strain on your knees like running or biking. It’s a great way to get cardio without pain! Your feet never leave the pedals, so force is evenly distributed throughout your body.

The movement of an elliptical is similar to running or stair stepping. To reduce knee pain and get a good cardiovascular workout, keep your stride length constant and focus on pulling through with both feet at once.

Before starting any exercise routine, it’s important to speak to your doctor.

Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike is a low-impact exercise machine. You cycle in a seated position, which puts less pressure on your joints. Straps keep your feet secure on the pedals. This helps you stay safe. Correct posture can limit joint strain and inflammation. It is a great option for people with knee pain.

Before using a new exercise machine, always check with your doctor. They can recommend which machines are best for you.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are great low-impact activities for easing knee pain. Use proper technique and don’t overdo it. It strengthens your lower back and glutes, and activates your core without feeling too hard on your joints.

It is especially good for morning stiffness and tenderness. The smooth motion warms up the muscles.

Make sure each stroke creates an efficient length through both sides. Alternate arms to target core body muscles, for greater power. This will help strengthen the muscles around your neck and shoulders.

Step Mill

The Step Mill is a great, low-impact cardio machine. It looks like a staircase with revolving stairs – like mountaineering! You use different muscles to ascend and descend. Plus, it’s high tech! It has preset programs and custom settings for extra resistance.

What’s unique? It’s super versatile. You can ‘walk’, ‘climb’ or even ‘jog’ on it. Low-impact is awesome – no jarring impact! And, it works for all fitness levels – adjustable speed and resistance.

Stair Climber

The stair climber is rapidly becoming a go-to low-impact cardio machine. It mimics the motion of climbing stairs. This machine is great for those with knee pain, since it keeps your feet stationary.

A stair climber reduces impact on the knees. This is due to its even base and hydraulic piston system. Plus, using it strengthens weaker leg muscles, which can alleviate knee pain.

Moreover, a stair climber can burn up to 600 calories per hour. This makes it ideal for intense workouts. However, if you feel sharp pain in the knees, it’s important to reduce the speed. This will help prevent knee pain from worsening.

Tips for Using Low Impact Cardio Machines with Knee Pain

Hunting for a way to exercise and not feel knee pain? Look no further! Low-impact cardio machines are the answer! Designed to reduce joint pain, these machines make exercising simpler and more pleasant.

In this article, you’ll find out about the best low-impact cardio machines to use with knee pain. Plus, some handy tips to make your workout the best it can be!

Start Slowly

If you have knee pain while doing aerobic exercise, it can be scary to start something new. Begin by warming up your body with stretching and low impact activities like walking in place or jogging on the spot. This helps you stay aligned and in proper posture. Increase the intensity over time, so your body can handle the workout. Also, track your time and take breaks if needed.

Focus on Form

Be sure to watch your posture when using exercise machines. It’s especially crucial if you have knee pain. Poor form can cause muscle imbalances and put extra strain on the knees. Check your position before starting your workout.

Start with a low setting and gradually increase the resistance. This will help you build strength gradually and not overload sensitive muscles and joints. Contract the muscles in the thighs and glutes and don’t lean on the joints for support.

Look for adjustable settings on cardio machines. This will let you be comfortable without sacrificing effectiveness. Some machines come with built-in coaching programs or personalized recommendations that let you target areas without straining painful joints. Pay attention to form during the whole exercise session to stop extra stress on the joints.

Increase Intensity Gradually

Knee health is important. So, gradually increase intensity when using a low-impact cardio machine. Impact can cause stress on the body and irritate sensitive tissues in the knees. Start slow and gentle, then increase the speed. Wear supportive shoes and stretch before and after exercise. Hydrate during physical activity. Drink water throughout the workout. Stretch the knee area after exercise to alleviate soreness or tightness.

Following these tips will help enjoy low-impact exercises without putting stress on injured knee joint areas. Low-impact exercise helps maintain good knee health and still get aerobic benefits from intense activities like running or jumping jacks!

Use the Right Technique

When exercising on a low-impact machine, technique is key. Machines provide cushioning and support, reducing joint pressure and protecting knees. But incorrect posture can still cause pain. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Listen to your body. Be aware of knee pain and take breaks or switch up exercises when needed.
  • Aim for an even pace. High speed intervals put strain on joints, so maintain a comfortable speed.
  • Keep form in mind. Stand straight and keep weight balanced over both feet. Leaning into the machine can strain lower back, leading to weakened knee stability and muscle irritation.
  • Use cushioned surfaces. If possible, use an exercise surface with padding around the feet area when running or jumping rope. This extra layer of protection reduces stress on weaker joints and increases comfort.

Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body when dealing with knee pain. Give it time and take breaks. Don’t overwork or push too hard. Stop if there’s pain.

When using a low-impact machine, adjust the settings. Check the seat height, resistance, foot strap and handrails for correct posture.

Movement on cardio machines can cause discomfort. Adjust incline level, arm swing, resistance, and pace until you find what’s comfortable.

Remember to prioritize form over speed. Proper form is key for safety and efficient performance. It will optimize your workout, reducing the risk of injury.


When it comes to low-impact cardio, and you have knee pain, there are plenty of choices. From recumbent bikes to rowing machines, there is something for all budgets and fitness levels.

Talk to your doctor or physical therapist. They can make sure your chosen activity is right for your condition. Be aware of any pain or discomfort during workouts. If it hurts more than usual, take a break.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are some low-impact cardio machines to use when I have knee pain?

Answer 1: Some low-impact cardio machines that are good for people with knee pain include an elliptical machine, a recumbent bike, an indoor rowing machine, and a stationary bike. These machines are designed to reduce the amount of stress and impact on your joints, making them a great option for those with knee pain.

Question 2: What are the benefits of using low-impact cardio machines?

Answer 2: Low-impact cardio machines offer a number of benefits. These machines are easier on your joints, which can help reduce pain and inflammation. They are also great for improving cardiovascular health, burning calories, and increasing muscular endurance.

Question 3: How often should I use a low-impact cardio machine?

Answer 3: The amount of time you spend on a low-impact cardio machine depends on your individual fitness goals. Generally speaking, you should aim to do at least 30 minutes of low-impact cardio three times a week. This can help you build endurance and improve your overall health.